Community in Sport

With Kate’s passion for hockey, and sport as a whole, she is determined to giving back to the community not just through hockey but by being active. With over 9 million people watching the GB team take gold in Rio Kate’s focus is on grassroots sport and aims to inspire a new generation of sport stars by getting more young people active in sport. Kate works with schools and clubs, as well as organisations such as the Women’s Sport Trust to action such ideas and grow participation of not only hockey, but sport, in young people.

Diversity & Inclusion

Kate values the need for diversity and inclusion in all aspects of sport, business and life. Through sport, Kate was able to understand and be her true self, whether that be on or off the pitch. With the high pressures of society, it is difficult for young people to be who they want to be. Therefore, Kate believes that sport can be used as a vehicle for people to discover their true identity and find happiness within themselves and through other people. Furthermore, she credits sport for encouraging leadership and developing strong relationships which are needed in successful business cultures.

Women in Leadership

Throughout her elite hockey career Kate has been widely recognised as a true leader and role model for women. Having captained England and GB for 13 years at many of the highest profile competitions in the sport, Kate has the background and expertise to provide insight into being a successful leader across not only sport, but business too. In a world where there is an increasing presence of female leaders in sport, business and political roles, Kate aims to continue to develop this trend by educating organisations about the skills and techniques required for successful leadership.

Empowerment of Young Women

Kate aims to give young women the confidence and opportunity to be successful in all aspects of their career, whether that be in a sporting or corporate context. Kate believes that sport encourages openness, honesty and connectivity which creates super strengths for young women in society. Through her own experiences, Kate hopes to inspire a generation full of self-assured and driven women who are likely to one day become leaders in the professional, sporting and political worlds.